Benefits of Buying Health Insurance before turning 30

You can not see what the future holds for you, not even health-related tragedies. Gone are the times when it was believed that one needs health insurance only for their old grandparents. Just like prevention is better than cure, health insurance is better than running around arranging money during a health crisis. You might ponder as to what is the right age to refer to compare health insurance plans and then come down to the best health insurance quotes and then get your health insurance done. It is believed that the best time to buy insurance is today, however, it goes without saying that the sooner you get coverage, the smarter and the better. 

Liabilities and dependency are not the factors to decide your health insurance plan. A suitable health insurance policy is the basis of every financial plan. A trip to the hospital can bite a big chunk of your life’s savings. If you have recently started earning and are looking for health insurance quotes, you can avail a lot of advantages. Listed below are some of the major benefits of getting health insurance before you turn 30.

1. A smart and premium-effective option

The money that is spent to create a shield for your health is never a waste or a burden. However, getting a fresh health insurance plan after the age of 30 might leave you in a dilemma, as people at this age mostly have a lot of liabilities. When you are young and fit to fight diseases and unforeseen situations, you can get a health insurance cover worth INR 5 lakhs for a premium of as low as INR 5,000. Sounds reasonable and justified, right? At a young age, you can ensure yourself to be in a safe place and avail of the cheapest premium rate. 

2. Are you sure your workplace got you covered enough?

If you are already working at some corporate office, take out some time and compare health insurance offered by your company and those available in the market. Do you still think your company has got your back completely? If yes, well and good. If not, this is the right time to look at various health insurance quotes and get yourself the most suitable policy that also accommodates your budget. Rather than buying a health insurance plan under some kind of pressure, it is better to choose the best one in the earliest phase of your life.

3. The need of the hour

The world has already suffered the cruelty of novel coronavirus and no one really knows what lies ahead. The already alarming situation of our immediate and surrounding environment shows how important it is to have a safe and strong backup like health insurance. Not just this, diseases never ask for permission before entering the human body, especially now when lifestyle seems to be degrading day by day. In such a situation, it will always be a smart choice to secure yourself and your family with a strong health insurance plan.

4.  Bluff the waiting period

When you apply for health insurance, they provide you with a waiting period. This period refers to the times when you can’t claim insurance benefits if you fall short on health. Major illnesses and procedures, pre-existing diseases, maternity benefits, etc. come with a waiting period of 2 to 4 years. On average, health issues mostly start after the age of 30. So, crossing this waiting period before the alarming age starts, would be a smart choice. With this, you can claim benefits anytime you need without having to wait.

5. Save the years after making financial plans

You may have serious and dedicated financial and investment plans for your future. Eliminating the cost of your health insurance from an early age will not leave you in a fix when you decide to plan your finances. After 30, you might have various plans and at such a juncture of life, you might find it pressurizing to opt for a costly premium health insurance plan. So, it is always advised to keep your insurance plans and investment plans sorted and separate.

6. A comprehensive health plan

Wondering why it is called a comprehensive plan? Well, that’s because new and enhanced health insurance quotes offer a wide variety of medical facilities. Unlike earlier, you don’t only get limited health benefits. Now even OPD fees, vector-borne diseases, joint replacements, robotic surgeries, and many more such situations are covered. 

Apart from this, woman customers can also claim maternity benefits. The newborn child also gets to enjoy various benefits without an added premium. Such comprehensive plans can be useful at any stage of life but again, the sooner, the better.

The Final Word

These are a few reasons why you should think twice about getting health insurance done before you turn 30. More than anything, you need this plan because you deserve it. From a strong backup to a low premium and comprehensive protection for your future, health insurance plans cover all this under one roof. So now that you know the advantages of having health insurance, what are you waiting for? Get a health insurance plan today.

Nov 11, 2021
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