Top 5 Advantages of Buying Two Wheeler Insurance

A bike insurance policy in your wallet, on your bike, or in your mailbox is one of the most underrated factors that can ensure a hassle-free riding experience. Riders can compare two wheeler insurance and make the most of the following advantages of buying two-wheeler insurance.

1.Third-Party Liability Coverage

Buying two-wheeler insurance grants you financial protection against third-party liabilities. In simple terms, if you meet with an accident and it causes damages or injuries to other individuals, vehicles, or properties, you are liable to cover for the damages. Having two-wheeler insurance will ensure that you are financially protected from such situations. Also, any legal liabilities will be taken care of by the insurer. If you compare insurance plans, you will be able to secure one that fits your needs.

2.Hassle-Free Riding

One of the major reasons for buying two-wheeler insurance is the hassle-free riding experience. When you compare insurance online and buy a policy, you no longer have to worry about traffic police officials slapping a hefty fine due to lack of policy. Similarly, any mishap on the road can set you back financially. However, the presence of a two-wheeler insurance policy will let you ride your bike around without any worries.

3.Protection Against Own Damage

Though the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 mandates a third party liability policy, it might not be enough for riding on the road. As you compare insurance plans, you get to know the different plans available and that own damage component is quite crucial.

The own damage component comes along with a comprehensive policy. And as the name suggests, it covers damages to your vehicle under various circumstances. As you compare insurance plans, you get a better picture of these circumstances. Own damage usually covers damages due to accidents, natural calamities, and manmade nuisance such as riots, vandalism, theft, etc.

4.Better Coverage (add-ons)

When you compare two wheeler insurance, one of the biggest advantages of the action is getting access to add-ons. While there are some standard add-ons (zero-depreciation, engine cover, accident cover, etc.), some insurers package their add-ons with an attractive price tag and others offer some smart add-ons. Thus, it is recommended to compare two wheeler insurance. An add-on is a special benefit that you can use on top of your existing out of the box insurance plan.

5.24/7 Claim Assistance

As you compare insurance online, you will get to know a feature common to almost all the insurers, 24/7 claim assistance support. Since mishaps do not usually inform before arrival, they can be at any place and at any time. Having 24/7 assistance can be a blessing in such times. You can initiate a claim with the help of a phone call, website, mobile app, toll-free number, etc.

If you do not already have a bike insurance policy, you can start to compare insurance online and secure one that fits your budget and needs. And ride without any worries.

Jul 14, 2021
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