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PayBima is an online portal backed by Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIBL) to help customers compare and buy insurance online in a hassle-free manner with zero documentation. MIBL is a part of the reputed Mahindra Group and has been present for over 17 years in the insurance industry, having served more than 8 million customers with comparing insurance policies online and an overall claim settlement of 50,000+ till date.

We strive to simplify the complexity of buying an insurance policy. Whether it is car insurance, life insurance, or health insurance, we make terms and conditions more accessible to you. You can compare insurance plans and claim for reimbursements through the portal. PayBima offers a dedicated service throughout the duration of a policy.

It is our endeavour to help you avail a hassle-free experience and low-interest rates for all insurance policies – get ready to eliminate the middle-men and reduce the charges incurred by you. The wide array of information will help you make an informed decision.

Buying insurance through PayBima is a quick and easy process. Just fill in your basic details and get instant quotes from leading insurance companies. Compare among the various plans on offer and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Fill up the proposal form, make payment and your policy will be issued instantly. PayBima focuses on bringing you all the information you need about insurance policies under one umbrella. You can find terms and conditions on different policies in an easy-to-read format. When you fill-up the proposal form, a host of diverse policy options are brought to you. You can explore them at your own pace and shortlist the ones best suited to your insurance needs. The website offers you a wide range of options for insurance policies to choose from with a stress-free buying experience. Once shortlisted, PayBima allows you to compare insurance online to see their benefits and shortcomings. Choose the one that offers you the maximum benefits. After finalising the best policy for yourself, you need to fill in your additional details. You can make payment and buy the policy on the PayBimaportal without being directed to any other website.

PayBima offers you an uncomplicated experience for comparing your insurance policy.

First, you need to fill up a form posted on every page of our website. This form will ask for your basic details depending upon the insurance type you’re looking for.

Once done, you click on the ‘Get Quote’ button which leads you to a host of policy options customised according to your needs. Whether it is car insurance, life insurance or health insurance, PayBima gives you the best policies from top insurance companies in India.

This list quotes the premium and the basic details of every policy. You can click on each policy to view their detailed information. The variety of policy options can lead to some confusion. So, PayBima provides you with the option of comparing insurance plans online.

On the page with the list, you can select the policies you want to compare by checking the ‘Compare Product’ box. You can select up to four products at a time and click compare. This will lead you to a comprehensive table which lists all the benefits of your shortlisted policies.

Take your time and choose the best policy for you and your family.

When you decide to buy an insurance policy, it is crucial to make a comparison between multiple plans before choosing one. Here’s why:

Right Coverage – If you rely on one insurer, you will only have a limited understanding of the coverage offered by other insurers. Comparing insurance plans offers you the benefit of searching for the right coverage. Instead of choosing amongst one or two policies offered to you, you can choose from several which suits your requirements.

Right Services – You can choose the services you want to be covered in your insurance policy. For example, several health insurance companies offer additional services such as free health check-ups, ambulance cover, etc. When you compare, you can choose the policy which provides the services you require.

Save Money – When you compare multiple insurance policies, you will notice that many insurers offer similar services but at varying premiums. You can compare insurance quotes of policies that offer your desired coverage at a lower price. Low-priced policies do not indicate low quality. Many digital insurers reduce the price due to the elimination of agents and paperwork.

Power to Choose – Comparing insurance policies gives you the power to choose a policy according to your requirements, premium expectations and selection of services. You don’t have to simply choose one which is handed to you by an agent.